The Virtual Playground

An Integrated Learning Space For Families

A place to land and feel supported to reclaim joy, curiosity and your authentic nature during these times of change.

Embrace the natural path of Life-long Learning.

Opening November 2020, with access to:

3 Ways The Virtual Playground Supports

 You and Your Family


Connects children to other children safely, in a supported learning environment with diverse mentors from around the world.


Connects you with other parents for more holistic learning solutions and mutual growth, to reduce overwhelm and uncertainty


Connects you with our at-home wellness programs to be the parent that is authentically you!

What is The Virtual Playground?

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Refuse to go back to how things were back in March?  If your head is nodding at some or all of the feelings below, we are here to help.

Our world is changing. Are you feeling:

✸ Overwhelmed with all the information?
✸ Unease about sending your kids back to school under current circumstances, but feeling you can’t do homeschooling?
✸ Wishing there were better options available?
✸ Worried about your children falling behind in school?
✸ Your kids feeling more stress & anxiety with the uncertain situation?

If any of this resonates with you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE and YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT PLACE.

The Virtual Playground is here to support you

✸ Having support in ALL areas of parenting, as a teacher, counsellor, chef, and more 
✸ Fostering a life-long of learning in your children
✸ Feeling connected to your children
✸ Comfort in knowing your children are surrounded by a nurturing and considerate community to help them thrive
✸ Helping your child learn by doing less, not more!

A Hello From the Founder of Raising Humanity, Ashley Avinashi

We see you out there, juggling work, home and school, while quite honestly... needing a real break!

We see children yearning for the company of their friends. Perhaps bored and restless, yet open to learning without the pressures of performing in a classroom setting.

We also see teachers stretching to meet a variety of expectations, while not having clear answers of their own.

This global pandemic has opened our eyes to an education system that is broken.

And a parenting path that is unsustainable.

What would the world look like if children learned from the INSIDE OUT?

We are here to help reverse the impact of an intellectually-based learning system, for you and your family!



  This is one place where you know that you will be supported by real commUNITY.

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As a small group of humans from around the world, we are committed to supporting you through these uncertain times. We know that there is a need for a new path - where experts, guides and coaches from around the globe are donating their time to help us RISE TOGETHER.

In this community, we will help provide support, give insights and empower you to do what IS in your control.

We are meant to get through this together. 

"The best teachers teach from the heart, not from a book"